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Home for Extraordinary Events

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Home for Extraordinary Events

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Gather offers design and hospitality forward venues and experiences. Our deeply experienced staff operate with dynamic hospitality and make a habit of going above and beyond to make your event a memorable one.

We thrive on creating inspirational spaces, each intentionally curated and designed to support an array of community gatherings. Whether it's your fundraiser, wedding, conference, workshop, party or premiere, we will do everything in our power to support your vision.

Looking for our coworking space?  Visit Impact Hub Austin, our partner company.


our venues are crafted for:


Conferences & Corporate Events

Rather than using another beige box one-size-fits all room that makes everyone feel blah, break the mold and actually inspire your attendees. That’s why you’re having the event in the first place, right? Forget the over-complicated corporate stuff and pick a spot that embodies the spirit of Austin. 


With a capacity of 200+, we make any size wedding feel intimate and festive at the same time. The sprawling live oak tree in the backyard is perfect for pictures, and the hand-crafted interior touches give any wedding theme a custom feel.


Bid boring hotel conference rooms goodbye with our intentionally designed and versatile space. The soul of any fundraiser is connection, excitement, and inspiration around your cause, and we have cultivated a space where over $5 million has been raised since we opened!



No matter your topic, our custom-designed interior offers a landscape of metaphors that will support your storytelling. This space was designed for versitle workshop that can actually be part of your program.

Film Production

Whether you want texture, natural light, balcony shots, or a fully customizable green background shot, we can make it happen. And there’s a picturesque backyard that will add a layer of life to any shoot.

Have A Vision? we're heRE to make it happen.

Our creative, open spaces are perfect for your imagination to run wild to plan just about any kind of event you can imagine.




Let's create extraordinary experiences together.