Gather Venues’ blog strives to highlight the programs and projects that are making our Austin community and the communities around us a better place.

This month’s blog will focus on Art From the Streets, a local Austin organization that gives the enormous gift of self-esteem and financial support directly to the homeless artists that create it.

This past April, Art From the Streets held their annual fundraiser in our Gather Venues Lamar space, the event welcomed 130 guests who attended an auction of art from the organization’s constituents.

A Mission Minded Community

The mission of Art From the Streets is to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which the positive spirit and creativity of homeless and formerly homeless people is nurtured through artistic expression, and to provide them with a source of pride and income through the sale of their work.

Accessible, Convenient and Fun!

Art From the Streets chose Gather Venues Lamar because of the accessible parking, our rock star staff, and is in a great part of town for their guests.

Photos from their fundraiser