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Carrying Hope is a local Austin organization that aspires to give a Hope Pack filled with comfort and necessity items to every child entering the foster care system in Central Texas.

This past February, Carrying Hope held their first annual fundraiser, Fostering Love Gala in our Gather Venues Monroe space, the event welcomed 200 guests who attended a magical night that resulted in the organization nearly doubling their initial fundraising goal.

A Mission Minded Care Package

The mission of Carrying Hope is to provide Hope Packs filled with comfort items and essentials to children who are entering the foster care system in Central Texas.

What is in a Hope Pack?

The item lists for Hope Packs feature a mix of necessities, such as formula, diapers and wipes, and comfort items, such as stuffed animals, jammies, nightlights and coloring books, intended to ease the transition for kids who are coming into care. After they receive completed packs, they are distributed to foster care agencies and CPS caseworkers who can take them along when they’re placing children in new homes.

Beautiful, Unique and the Perfect Fit!

Carrying Hope chose Gather Venues Monroe because the beautiful space allowed them to have the number of guests they needed to double their fundraising goals. The space had enough unique handmade furniture and decor to limit the need for extensive decorations. It was the perfect fit for their success.

Make Your Own Hope Package

When children enter the foster care system, they frequently arrive at their new foster home with nothing. If they have been allowed to bring along some items, often they have been shoved hastily into a trash bag. We think kids going through such a traumatic time deserve better.

Learn more about creating a hope package for a child going into the foster care system.